Pizza Hut Spicy Beef Pizza

What's left when the spice has gone?

Pizza Hut spicy beef pizza topping.  Hmmm, nom nom nom.

I do like Pizza Hut pizzas, but is it me or has anyone else noticed that spicy beef isn’t actually in any way spicy other than they may have added some salt and pepper? That being the case, should it not be called Seasoned Beef instead?

Yes, I’m aware this appears to be in no way curry related, but stay with me. Curries are typically spicy and Pizza Hut are claiming their spicy beef topping is spicy.  Can you see where I’m going?

The fact that their spicy beef topping isn’t actually spicy (or probably beef for that matter) doesn’t seem to stop them from calling it so.

Perhaps at one time long ago when the spicy beef topping was invented in some laboratory by a white coated scientist type mixing chemicals in a vial, it was then spicy, but as time has gone on and the British palate has become more used to spicy foods, it no longer cuts the mustard in the spicy beef based food product stakes.

Call me controversial, but if you are looking for a spicefest I know what I’d rather have – Yep, you guessed it, I’d recommend a curry.  Probably a madras of some sort. Or if you were really brave you could for a vindaloo…

That is unless of course you really fancy pizza for a change…

1 thought on “Pizza Hut Spicy Beef Pizza

  1. Mark

    I wouldn’t call Pizza Hut “pizza”, but more like “greasy oily bread”. They’re notoriously cheap on their cheese, and their toppings are few and far between.

    In Chicagoland, you could blindly throw a dart at any strip mall pizzeria & it would be much better than Pizza Hut. Or stick to a frozen pizza other than uber cheap Tony’s , Tombstone, etc.


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