Curry Vs Burger King?

Sitting here trying to digest the XL Bacon Double Cheese Burger I had for lunch from the local Burger King in Halifax I have to tell you that curry wins hands down.


Ohhh my poorly stomach - a curry would have been better

I don’t honestly remember a time when I’ve eaten anything as poor quality and as tasteless as today’s XL Bacon Double Cheese Burger and paid more than £4 for the apparent pleasure.

In fact if I had a dog, he would most likely eat higher quality product out of a tin of Chappie and at least it wouldn’t be covered in heart attack causing plastic “no-cheese”.

To tell the truth,  if I had a dog and it was a choice between a Burger King XL Bacon Double Cheese Burger, I’d give him curry every time, but probably a mildly spiced one with Chicken and some vegetables and rice to keep his diet balanced.  Don’t worry – I’d make sure he stayed off the lager.

XL Bacon Double Cheese Burger Currytastic Official Score:

0.5 out of 5

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