Chicken Tikka Masala – Is it worthy?

Chicken Tikka Masala is the UK’s favourite curry, but is it worthy of such an accolade?

Each weekend, literally thousands of people up and down the country would say it is, which is why they cook it at home, or order it from their local restaurant or takeaway, but does this pretender deserve so much kudos?

Some would say that it isn’t a real curry especially when you bear in mind it’s somewhat disputed originsand admittedly, I have been somewhat snobbish about the humble Chicken Tikka Masala in the past, but it seems to me that there are more and more “versions” of this popular curry being introduced with slight twists or interesting differences.

Chicken Tikka Masala - It's the UK's favourite curry, but is it worth it?

Chicken Tikka Masala - Should this be our favourite?

That being the case, I think we are probably now at the time where we curry-snobs should start to take the humble CTM (as I’ve noticed some restaurants like to call it) a bit more seriously and of late I’ve been experimenting with various different flavours and styles of Chicken Tikka Masala in my hunt for the best Chicken Tikka Masala recipe, in much the same way as I did with the Currytastic  Chicken Madras recipe.

So, over the coming weeks I will be trying different Chicken Tikka Masala recipes, as well as some different restaurant and take away versions and will report back with my findings – I hope you all appreciate the lengths I go to for you, my readers and the love of my art 🙂

In the mean time, if you have any Chicken Tikka Masala recipes you’d like to tell us about or even if you’d like to try your hand at writing a mini-review for a local restaurant or take away, then get in touch using the comments link at the bottom of this post.

6 thoughts on “Chicken Tikka Masala – Is it worthy?

  1. Rick Schlaf

    I’d say I’ve tried at least 20 different Chicken Tikka Masala dishes in restaurants all over Michigan, and made at least 5 different ones myself. My favorite without a doubt is at Mayur restaurant in Troy MI. They recently switched owners so I hope they kept the same chef. I found most places dont distinguish between Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala anymore, but the Tikka Masala should be more rich with less cream and less or no Ghee. I’d like to hear about any other favorites and why.

  2. ewan

    hi guys, great website, who doesn’t love curries?? I shall be sure to click on some of your links to increase revenue!! I have a small restaurant here in Phuket Thailand and I use Jamie Oliver’s CTM recipes. Everyone loves it especially the UK expats living here.

    1. David Post author

      Hi Ewan

      I have tried Jamie Oliver’s CTM recently and I’ve got to say that whilst I enjoyed it, it isn’t my favorite one. I will in the next couple of weeks be publishing what I think is the best Chicken Tikka Masala recipe I’ve found so far.

  3. Raven

    I think monster munch in general don’t taste the same as when I was a kid, the consistency seems to have just a tad less ‘crunch’ than before.

    Chicken Masala a firm favorite with my friends, but I’m not a fan of the tomatoeness of it – opting for a Malabar or Korma instead.

  4. The curry traveller

    I would love to write guest reviews of an amazing Goat curry I found in a rather small restaurent in the far reaches of outer mongolia. I say restaurant, it was more a small room where I was locked up for a few weeks while they tried to extract information about the strange spice they found in my pocket.

    The strange spice in question was simply a remnant of a hot and spicy monster munch crisp not a new flavour to add to their goat curry.

    Once they did let me out I had developed quite a taste for curry of goat.

    1. davbel Post author

      Hmmmm…Got to say that I prefer Beef flavoured Monster Munch in the yellow packet. Is it me or does anyone else think that the proper size packets of Monster Munch are different to the mini multi-pack size packets of Monster Munch in more than just size? They don’t even taste the same…


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