Currytastic Chicken Madras Curry at the Caddy Shack, Elland!

Hmmmm Chicken Madras Curry. Does it get any better than a hot, spicy Chicken Madras? Well, it probably does, but not at Elland’s Caddy Shack!

Mmmm  Chicken Madras from the Caddy Shack

Chicken Madras...nom nom

We’ve been frequenting the Caddy Shack for a number of years now and have outlasted previous owners.  As a rule we attend most Friday lunch times to partake of it’s varying treats in our varying size of group – We have an entirely select lunch time club where membership is frequently revoked for non-attendance:-)

Some time ago, some of us started having curry with rice for lunch, which at the time was cooked (at least I think that’s how it began) by the Thai wife of the then owner.

Since then, Mandy has taken over the kitchen and as well as learning the Thai recipes, has developed her own curry related style and skills.  In fact you might say she has become almost a curry ninja – although I’ve not as yet seen her lobbing throwing stars at any of the patrons…

Today, as a group we pretty much all had the chicken madras excluding Ginger Craig who had a pie – bear in mind that he is from Wakefield and pie is standard fare in that part of the world.  Anyway, after requesting extra hotness when we placed the order, Mandy certainly delivered and by halfway through we were puffing and panting (not in a sexual way), as well as enduring the usual head sweat that comes with a fine madras.

As usual, the chicken madras was great although (for me personally because I’m a bit weird and don’t like chunks of tomato) there was far too many chunks of tomato in it!  In any case I’m sure Some of our more eagle eyed (hands up if you remember!) visitors will have noticed the “wrap” supplied instead of a chapati and / or naan and purely because of this I have to deduct some marks…

Caddy Shack Chicken Madras Currytastic Official Score:

4.2 out of 5 – That’s Currytastic!

4 thoughts on “Currytastic Chicken Madras Curry at the Caddy Shack, Elland!

  1. Louis Carabini

    The primary spice ingredients can be stored as roasted dried ground powder a paste of dried ingredients with vinegar an oil spice infusion…..If meat is used it may be kid goat lamb beef or chicken. Me cooking a Chicken Madras curry in the same way a british indian restaurant would.

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  3. Versy2010

    Oh lord! This curry was AMAZING!!! I have been on the lookout for a curry I could make at home to replace takeaways for years. I managed it only once but it took me about 6 hours. This curry was on the table in half an hour. My kids (aged 13 and 15) ate the lot! Thank you so much for sharing. I am literally just going to start making the vindaloo.

  4. Tracey edwards

    I’ve tried many curry recipes, but they’ve never really worked. This one however was amazing, the whole family loved it, however we did put a little less chilli in ours.
    Thankyou for sharing this recipe.


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