Chicken Madras – Is this the best recipe?

Chicken Madras Hmmmmm nom nom


  1. You say is this the best Chicken Madras. Frankly it don’t look like it!
    Looks very dry in the picture. My own recipe of 40 yesrs experience is propbably the best. Lime, sugar, tinned tomatos and methi are just some of the essential ingrediets. Wanna know more?

  2. I made this last night and after reading the reviews was a little worried bout how it would turn out. I have attempted many Madras curries in the past but this one beats them all. You do have to be careful with the amount of water, i would recommend you add about 150ml and simmer with the lid off. Only putting the lid on once it almost reaches the desired consistency.
    Overall a very good recipe which i will be using again – Thanks.

  3. Absolutely fantastic! Making this for dinner this evening and just tasted it and it’s gorgeous! Although a tad hot so will be adding some natural yogurt to it 🙂 Thankyou!

  4. just made this and it is lovely….not quite hot enough for our taste so added another spoon of chilli powder…will def be making it again

  5. Will be trying this in the very near future, as wife is with slimming world and curries like this are awesome. Will let you know how it turns out.

  6. Fantastic, brilliant easy to make curry, I agree with the ‘400ml is too much water’ comment I’ll be adding less next time but this is a first class curry recipe!

  7. I made this but i put too much water to it and it looked pale so going to add some puree and natural yogart hope it tastes good

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